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Heavy Combination – Multi Combination


Vertical Horizonz Australia Heavy Combination Multi-Combination Vehicle course is designed to ensure trainees are competent and confident to operate and maintain heavy Combination Multi-Combinations vehicles.

Our Heavy Combination Multi-Combination Vehicle training qualifies our trainees to operate HC class vehicles, B-doubles and road trains.


  • A class HC vehicle
  • B-double (prime mover towing 2 semitrailers, with 1 semitrailer supported at the front and connected to the other semitrailer)
  • road train (motor vehicle, other than a B-double, towing 2 or more trailers)

TLIC4006 Operate a multi combination vehicle

Heavy Combination Multi-Combination Vehicle course content includes:

  • Theory
  • Coupling & Uncoupling
  • Reversing
  • Effective engine management
  • Defensive driving
  • Observation techniques
  • Traffic management
  • Driving test

Requirements to obtain a MC Truck Licence

  • Heavy Rigid to Multi Combination is a minimum of two days training
  • To obtain your licence form TMR you must have held your HC  licence for at least 12 months (1 year)
  • Become competent with the operation of the vehicle and trailers.
  • Be able to reverse 85 metres in a straight line.

Training Content Covers

  • Theory.
  • Coupling & Uncoupling.
  • Reversing.
  • Effective engine management.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Observation techniques.
  • Traffic management.
  • Driving test.

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