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Vertical Horizonz Australia's First Aid courses are designed to provide first response methods and techniques to react to an accident or emergency, treat an injury and save lives.

First Aid certification is often compulsory on Australian worksites and a valuable personal asset for your personal and professional life. 

Vertical Horizonz Australia conducts training for individuals working across all industries, incorporating First Aid methods, procedures, and techniques to suit the working environment. We also offer our First Aid courses to local, national and international companies who wish to implement site-wide training.

As a part of our CPR courses, Vertical Horizonz Australia covers all the legal conditions and concerns involved with applying First Aid in an emergency and the legal responsibility of a first responder.

First Aid Courses

First Responder First Aid Course

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s First Aid Course develops the necessary skills to act quickly and effectively to accidents and emergencies. Our training is invaluable to trainees to perform first response techniques in the workplace, public, or home.

Our First Aid course gives our trainees confidence to provide immediate and adequate care until medical professionals arrive. First Aid can be life-saving, with response time significant in life and death situations.

Vertical Horizonz Australia covers a range of First Aid content in our course, from injury and wounds to fractures and burns. We supply information and teach methods that are suitable to implement in industrial environments.

First Responder First Aid Course

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course is vital to all who work in Australian or international industries. Our training teaches effective CPR methods that can be performed in any worksite situations and could be the difference between life and death.

We show the appropriate techniques for CPR on adults, children and infants so our trainees can also use their first responder CPR skill in public or home environments.

Our CPR course demonstrates a series of procedures, including chest compressions, to restore a heartbeat and provide crucial assistance until medical support arrives. CPR implementation requires fast and decisive action, and our training will ensure trainees have the ability, confidence and composure to perform CPR effectively.

First Aid and CPR Course

Automated External Defibrillator - AED

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Automated External Defibrillator training is a vital part of our First Aid courses. AEDs are easy to use, have verbal prompts and are invaluable assets in emergencies. Our AED training familiarises trainees with the device, giving them confidence and reassurance to use an AED in a real-life emergency scenario. We supply information on how and when to use an AED and provide hands-on simulations as a part of our training service.

Vertical Horizonz Australia First Aid courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s First Aid courses include theory and practical elements performed by experienced and qualified trainers. Contact our head office today to inquire, book, or enrol in a Vertical Horizonz Australia First Aid course.

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