Vertical Horizonz Australia provides a wide range of courses that are in context and relevant to the industry in which the skills and knowledge will be implemented. We can deliver our training courses on-site, and in one of the many training facilities we have access to in all Australian states and specific locations abroad.

Confined Space Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides confined space training to ensure workers understand the hazards and safety procedures for entering restricted areas. The intensive courses cover risk assessment, air monitoring, ventilation, communication systems, emergency procedures, and proper use of safety equipment. By completing the training, participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enter and work in confined spaces.

Drilling Operation

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Drilling Operation training to ensure drilling competency and hazardous risk identification associated with the drilling industry. The accredited courses provide both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills development for managing drill rigs and associated equipment. Training covers core drilling tasks like operating machinery, controlling well pressures, and implementing emergency response procedures. Vertical Horizonz utilizes industry-experienced trainers and simulated drill sites to prepare trainees for safe operations across mining, geothermal, gas, and other drilling sectors.

First Aid Training Courses Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers First Aid courses that include life-saving skills and invaluable knowledge to execute in various industry scenarios. The accredited training covers essential competencies like managing injuries and illnesses, CPR, response priorities, and use of safety equipment. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible classroom, online or blended first aid certification options utilizing experienced healthcare trainers. Trainees gain competence to provide prompt, effective assistance in workplace or public emergency situations before professional help arrives.

GWO Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia, in conjunction with Vertical Horizonz Group, offers Global Wind Organisation training in Brisbane as specified by GWO basic safety training standards to reduce the risk associated with safety hazards in the wind turbine industry. The certified courses equip wind turbine technicians with essential skills for working safely at height, manual handling, fire awareness, first aid, and sea survival when accessing offshore wind farms. Trainees gain internationally-recognized GWO certification needed for employment in the fast-growing wind energy sector through flexible training delivery options.

Health and Safety Courses Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Health and Safety courses to meet the ever-changing needs and unpredictable environments associated with working safely in industry settings. The accredited programs provide knowledge and skills in areas like risk management, emergency response, fatigue prevention, traffic control and more. Flexible training options ensure personnel gain competence in following safe work practices, protecting themselves and others, and helping create incident-free workplaces. This reduces injuries and promotes wellbeing across diverse vocational contexts.

Height Safety Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Height Safety Training to educate trainees on potential risks and personal responsibilities associated with working at heights. The comprehensive courses cover hazard identification, risk control measures, use of fall protection equipment, and emergency response procedures. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible training options plus access to purpose-built facilities to ensure trainees gain competence in safely working at heights in diverse industries.

High Risk Work Licence Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides High-Risk Work Licence courses, allowing operation of specific high-risk equipment and plants such as forklifts, cranes and EWPs. The nationally accredited training combines theory and practical lessons to ensure competence in safely operating licensable equipment. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible course options utilizing industry-experienced instructors and access to well-maintained equipment. Upon successful assessment, trainees gain HRWL cards required for equipment operation in various workplace settings across Australia.

Industry Qualifications

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Industry Qualifications through a range of quality and professional courses to benefit workers in the Australian and international industry. The nationally accredited programs help trainees gain specialised skills and certification needed for employment and career progression. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible classroom, workplace or blended training options across fields like construction, resources, safety and health. Industry experienced trainers ensure graduates are job-ready for diverse vocational roles.

Mining Courses Brisbane

Take your mining career to new heights with our variety of certification courses. Browse our selection and find the right training to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the mining industry. Our nationally accredited programs cover competencies in surface and underground mining operations, resource processing, drill rig operation, and more. Learn from experienced instructors with access to purpose-built training facilities. Upon completion, gain recognized qualifications to unlock new job opportunities across mining and resource sectors.

Plant Operator Courses Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Plant Operation training to safely and effectively operate plant equipment relevant to industry work and apply this knowledge in different workplaces. The nationally recognised courses cover competencies like conducting pre-start checks, running through machine operations, and performing basic maintenance. Trainees get hands-on practice operating various plant machinery under expert supervision. Upon successful completion, graduates gain certified skills to work as plant operators across sectors like construction, mining, and land management.


Vertical Horizonz Australia specialises in Transport Driver training, with several different courses including multi-combination, four-wheel-drive and advanced driver training. The nationally accredited programs enable participants to safely operate vehicles like cars, trucks, and buses. Training covers vehicle operations, emergency responses, load restraint techniques, workplace procedures and more. Trainees obtain practical driving experience under expert guidance. This leads to certified skills in defensive and economic driving that opens up employment opportunities across transport industries.

Trenchless Technology Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Trenchless Technology courses suited for individuals working in the Civil Construction industry that use trenchless construction methods within their projects. The accredited training provides knowledge in non-disruptive underground construction techniques like pipe jacking, directional drilling and microtunnelling. Participants gain skills in operating specialist trenchless equipment, planning trenchless installations, managing risks and more. Ideal for civil construction professionals, this niche training develops expertise in efficient and sustainable underground infrastructure delivery.

Vacuum Excavation Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Vacuum and Water Jetting System training with instructions and demonstrations in safe and effective operations. The courses cover competencies like pre-start inspections, tanker setup procedures, waste transfer and disposal methods, and equipment maintenance. Trainees get practical experience running jetting and vacuuming systems under supervision. Upon completion, operators gain certified skills needed to work with industrial cleaning equipment across sectors like construction, resources and infrastructure maintenance.

Certified safety training courses with Vertical Horizonz Australia

Vertical Horizonz Australia training courses meet the Australian Skills Qualification Authority standards, meaning that all successful trainees will receive a statement of attainment and national recognition. 

We are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 31160) and align all our methods to Australian Standards to guarantee our safety training courses are certified. All skills and techniques taught will be competence tested and assessed before accreditation is received.

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