Vertical Horizonz Australia provides a wide range of courses that are in context and relevant to the industry in which the skills and knowledge will be implemented. We can deliver our training courses on-site, and in one of the many training facilities we have access to in all Australian states and specific locations abroad.

Confined Space

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Confined Space courses to ensure trainees understand the potential risk and protocols to create a safe working environment in a confined space.

Drilling Operation

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Drilling Operation training to ensure drilling competency and hazardous risk identification associated with the drilling industry.

First Aid

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers First Aid courses that include life-saving skills and invaluable knowledge to execute in various industry scenarios.

Global Wind Organisation

Vertical Horizonz Australia, in conjunction with Vertical Horizonz Group, offers Global Wind Organisation training as specified by GWO basic safety training standards to reduce the risk associated with safety hazards in the wind turbine industry.


Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Heights training to educate trainees of potential risk and personal responsibilities associated with working at heights.

High-Risk Work Licence

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides High-Risk Work Licence courses, allowing operation of specific high-risk equipment and plants such as forklifts, cranes and EWPs.


Vertical Horizonz Australia specialises in Transport Driver training, with several different courses including multi-combination, four-wheel-drive and advanced driver training.

Trenchless Technology

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Trenchless Technology courses suited for individuals working in the Civil Construction industry that use trenchless construction methods within their projects.

Vacuum and Water Jetting Systems

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Vacuum and Water Jetting System training with instructions and demonstrations in safe and effective operations.

Work Health & Safety

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Health and Safety courses to meet the ever-changing needs and unpredictable environments associated with working safely in industry settings.

Certified safety training courses with Vertical Horizonz Australia

Vertical Horizonz Australia training courses meet the Australian Skills Qualification Authority standards, meaning that all successful trainees will receive a statement of attainment and national recognition. 

We are also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 31160) and align all our methods to Australian Standards to guarantee our safety training courses are certified. All skills and techniques taught will be competence tested and assessed before accreditation is received.

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