At Vertical Horizonz Australia, our comprehensive service offers more than just training. We believe that tailored learning and training experiences are far more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach. We do not restrict ourselves to who we can provide our services to and continuously explore new avenues to implement our ideas and knowledge.


We provide trusted advice and uncompromising leadership to forge business performance. Our specialised knowledge of industry best practices enables us to develop and implement customised solutions, helping you achieve strategic safety solutions.

Vertical Horizonz Australia has extensive industry knowledge and experience to pass on to all Australian and international companies. Often, workplace practices and safety training are broad to suit an entire industry rather than tailored to the specific businesses’ needs and unique work scope. We believe it is essential to implement working practices and training that is effective and relevant to each company. 

Our advisory approach opens a conversation with employers and their employees to learn about workplace safety and skill deficiencies. We can rectify these issues through worksite improvements and customised training. Our vast industry expertise allows us to combine trusted and reliable methods with progressive and contextualised techniques.


We build highly-valued business partnerships to provide you with agile and innovative solutions. Our collaborative approach to problem-solving enables us to deliver quality training, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and getting the job done.

Vertical Horizonz Australia acknowledges that it takes a team effort for the most effective and lasting training results. We are working in partnership with industry associations, safety programs, training organisations, Vertical Horizonz Group and most importantly, our clients to ensure a holistic approach.

Nationally Recognised Training


Vertical Horizonz Australia’s tailored training portrays real life and on-job context for optimum training results. We believe trainees can connect to the training content and methodology more profoundly when delivering an authentic training experience. Our approach improves competency and confidence, leading to safer working environments and inevitably saving lives.

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides training from trainers that teach with industry experience. When the trainer has a personalised understanding of everyday challenges in various industries, they engage and connect with their trainees more significantly. We think the perfect mix of professionalism and practicality that our customised training delivers provides the best results to improve on-site safety.


Vertical Horizonz Australia believes continuous development is crucial to prevent complacency and ensure training adapts to industry advancements. Through  development, a company or individual can discover opportunities that may not have been possible or achievable previously. 

Utilising our Vertical Horizonz brand in our ideology, a vertical development will lead to bright horizons. In other words, as we continue to develop, self-value, knowledge and attributes continue to rise; vertically. Subsequently, with improved qualifications and experience, the future opportunities on the horizon are more prosperous.

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Vertical Horizonz Australia offers a complete service to all local, national and international businesses that need our support. Contact us today to discuss our advisory, partnership, training and development approach and begin your Vertical Horizonz Australia collaboration.

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