Plant Operations Course Info

Plant Operations are a daily activity on civil, resource and construction projects with efficient and effective plant and equipment operation crucial to project outcomes.

Plant operators are responsible for many tasks that are critical to workflow and productivity. 

Many Plant Operation activities are performed daily on worksites across all industries. Whether it involves excavation and earthmoving or transporting materials and crushing rocks, having a qualified plant operator on site is crucial for all industrial projects.

Plant Operation Activities:

Plant Operation training

Possessing adequate Plant Operation qualifications and training is crucial for site safety and productivity. It also ensures the operator knows what plant equipment would best suit a task and how to operate safely.

Plant Operation course content

Plant Operation training is a worthwhile course suited for individuals working in all industries. It covers all methodology, techniques, and safety involved in the daily operation of plants and equipment.

Planning and preparation

Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant Operation course explains the importance of in-depth planning and preparation before operating any plant equipment.

Reading and interpretation

Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant Operation course demonstrates how to interpret site plans and specifications confidently to perform the Plant Operation task.

Identifying underground services

Learning how to identify underground services is a critical part of our Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant Operation training. 

Health and safety

Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant Operation course comprises health and safety methods to ensure our trainees are prepared before commencing work to reduce the risk of on-site injury or accidents. This includes risk management and hazard identification.

Site operations

Our course touches on the site operations that occur in conjunctions with Plant Operation tasks. Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant believes it is important to understand the surrounding work that could affect your performance and safety.

Measurements and calculations

We focus on measurements and calculations to ensure trainees can accurately perform Plant Operation on Civil Construction projects. It is critical to know how to measure and calculate distances and weight before, during and after Plant Operation.

Workplace communication

Workplace communication is vital to sustaining safety and project productivity. Vertical Horizonz Australia adds this element into our Plant Operation course to give our trainees the confidence to communicate with other workers and pass on to ensure safety is paramount.

Vertical Horizonz Australia Plant Operation courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Plant Operation course has both theory and practical components delivered by our experienced industry trainers. It is suited to new and experienced personnel that wish to learn essential Plant Operation skills for a career in the industry.

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