Mining Courses Brisbane

Take your mining career to new heights with our variety of certification courses. Browse our selection and find the right training to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the mining industry. Our nationally accredited programs cover competencies in surface and underground mining operations, resource processing, drill rig operation, and more. Learn from experienced instructors with access to purpose-built training facilities. Upon completion, gain recognized qualifications to unlock new job opportunities across mining and resource sectors.


    Surface Miner – Standard 11 RIICOM201E, RIIERR205D, RIIERR302D, RIIGOV201D, RIIWHS201E, RIIRIS201E

    2 Days 4-14 $600

    Standard 11 Mining Induction Course Get your mining career on track with our Standard 11 Mining Induction Course.

    Certificate III Surface Extraction Operations RII30120

    6-12 Months Dependent on Experience - $4000

    RII30120 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations Vertical Horizonz Australia trains students to undertake roles such as production operators, working in open-cut coal or metalliferous mines or quarries.

    Certificate II Surface Extraction Operations RII20220

    6-12 Months - $2900

    Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operation Course Enrol now in Vertical Horizonz’s Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations course and learn the core skills and techniques used in surface mining operations.

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