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Confined Space training is an invaluable course designed to prevent accidents, injury and save lives. Confined Spaces certification is compulsory on Australian worksites where confined space work is performed.

Vertical Horizonz Australia conducts training for individuals working across all industries and incorporates all methods, procedures, and safety involved in Confined Space. We also offer our Confined Spaces courses to local, national and international companies who wish to implement site-wide training.

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Confined Space training, Gas Test Atmosphere training and Operate Breathing Apparatus training as a part of our extensive course range. In addition, we also provide Confined Space Safety Consultancy.

Benefits of confined space training:

Confined Space Courses

Confined Space

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Confined Space course focuses on the potential hazards and risks of working in a confined space. We explain safe work procedures and demonstrate how to operate the critical safety and monitoring equipment needed within a confined space.

Our confined space course (Basic) instructs how to adequately plan and prepare for confined space work, follow safety practices, and implement administrative procedures. Vertical Horizonz Australia takes confined space training seriously, knowing that our course can prevent injury and save lives.

Confined Space Training Brisbane

Gas Test Atmosphere

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Gas Test Atmosphere course provides the necessary content for trainees to clearly understand the procedures and hazards associated with atmospheric gas testing. We will accurately demonstrate how to perform atmospheric testing and interpret atmospheric testing results to respond accordingly.

Operate Breathing Apparatus

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Operate Breathing Apparatus course is designed to train individuals to select, test and fit Breathing Apparatus. We also demonstrate and teach how to operate breathing apparatus in oxygen-deprived & visibility reduced environments.

Confined Space Safety Consultancy

In addition to our Confined Space rescue course, Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Confined Space Consultancy services. We assess confined space environments on a worksite and carry out on-site audits and inspections. 

At the completion of our assessment, we will offer written solutions and suggestions to improve safe confined spaces practices and highlight the training requirement necessary. 

Vertical Horizonz Australia Confined Space courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Confined Space courses include theory and practical elements performed by experienced and qualified trainers. Our confined space course is suited to new and experienced personnel required to work in a confined space or wanting to advance their careers.

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