Working at Heights Course Info

Vertical Horizonz Australia's Heights courses are valuable for personal and professional safety and are compulsory in the Australian industry.

Our training is designed to be accessible for individuals who may have to perform a task or undertake a job at heights. 

Our Working at Heights Courses cover all methodology, techniques, and safety involved in working at heights transferable to all worksites. Vertical Horizonz Australia offers basic, advanced and vertical rescue training as a part of our extensive heights course range and provides Height Safety Consultancy.

Working at Heights Courses

Basic Working At Heights

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Basic Working at Heights course demonstrates how to apply safe work practices to perform jobs safely at a height. We explain how to select and inspect the appropriate fall protection equipment for the task at hand and how to wear it correctly.

Work Safely at Heights Training

Advanced Working At Heights

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Advanced Working at Heights course is designed to help individuals in supervisory or planning positions to prepare safe Working at Height jobs with superior knowledge. The plan, perform and supervise model ensures thorough preparation and precise execution is conducted on-site or in a workplace.

Our Advanced Working at Heights training teaches a range of high-level skills, including retrieval and rescue. Vertical Horizonz Australia also develops administrative responsibilities such as Working at Heights risk assessment, safe working practice and equipment compliance checks.

Working At Heights Equipment

Vertical Rescue

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Vertical Rescue course is suitable for individuals or teams requiring training to plan efficient and effective Vertical Rescues. At course end, all certified trainees will have the ability to rescue personnel needing assistance at a height.

Height Safety Consultancy

In addition to our Heights courses, Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Height Safety Consultancy services. We break down the challenges and complexities on a worksite and carry out on-site audits and inspections. At completion, we will offer solutions and suggestions on how to ensure safe Working at Height practices. 

Vertical Horizonz Australia Heights courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Height courses include both theory and practical components delivered by our experienced and qualified trainers to local, national and international businesses.

Contact our Brisbane head office today to inquire about our services or enrol in Vertical Horizonz Australia Height courses.

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