Health and Safety Courses Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Health and Safety courses to meet the ever-changing needs and unpredictable environments associated with working safely in industry settings. The accredited programs provide knowledge and skills in areas like risk management, emergency response, fatigue prevention, traffic control and more. Flexible training options ensure personnel gain competence in following safe work practices, protecting themselves and others, and helping create incident-free workplaces. This reduces injuries and promotes wellbeing across diverse vocational contexts.

Welcome to Vertical Horizonz, where we offer in-depth health and safety courses right here in Brisbane. With flexible learning options and courses led by experienced industry professionals, we’re dedicated to creating safer workplaces for a wide variety of different industries.

These accredited programs provide knowledge and skills in areas like risk management, emergency response, fatigue prevention, traffic control, and more. By completing our courses, you personnel can gain competence in safe work practices, protecting themselves and others to create incident-free workplaces. Overall, this reduces injuries and promotes wellbeing across diverse vocational contexts.


    Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety BSB41419

    - Up to $2,500

    Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Course This programme trains and qualifies learners working in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) role to provide effective safety leadership and guidance to others at work.

    Queensland Health and Safety Representative Approved Training Course

    5 days - $650

    HSR Training Brisbane The requirement of a health and safety representative (HSR) to undertake a course of training is outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act).

    Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Refresher Training Legally-Required

    1 day - $350

    Queensland Health and Safety Representative Refresher Course This training is designed to renew the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Health and Safety Representatives having successfully completed the 5-day HSR course.

    Construction White Card CPCCWHS1001

    One Day 6-12 $100

    White Card Training Brisbane White Card training covers health and safety in the Construction industry.

    Expert Training in Health and Safety for Brisbane’s Industrious Landscape

    From construction white cards to HSR training, and general workplace health and safety, we offer a range of accredited courses for Queensland professionals. Whether you need to update your skillset or you’re entering an industry, our training is designed to be accessible, valuable, and applicable to real-life work environments.

    By offering context-sensitive training, we ensure that each participant can apply new safety skills in a manner that’s relevant to their specific industry.

    Create a Safer Workplace with Chemical Site Safety Training Brisbane

    This specific course is designed to empower novice and professionals who work in potentially hazardous environments. Leveraging years of industry experience and deep understanding of the challenges associated with the use of chemicals, we equip students with the knowledge to mitigate risks and handle any related equipment in a safe manner. From dealing with hazardous substances to handling emergency situations, this comprehensive course covers all areas of chemical site safety.

    High Risk Work Licence Training Brisbane – Your Gateway to Safety Proficiency

    We understand that high-risk tasks are commonplace in certain sectors of Queenslans’ industrial sectors. This is why our high-risk work licence training is detailed and comprehensive, giving professionals the adequate skills and knowledge to safely navigate high-risk environments.

    Our rigorous training modules cover all aspects of risk management, while our practical tests make sure that you’re well prepared for high-risk scenarios in the real world. We’ll also delve into specific industry challenges and equip our students with the skills to manage them.

    Why Choose Vertical Horizonz for Health and Safety Courses in Brisbane?

    Choosing Vertical Horizonz for your health and safety training needs in Brisbane is a decision driven by profound benefits:

    • Contextually-Crafted Courses: Our practical, hands-on training prioritises real-world scenarios to provide an immersive learning experience.
    • Flexible Learning: We respect your other commitments, hence, we cater to flexible scheduling options, including evening and weekend classes.
    • Comprehensive Training Spectrum: From our hallmark health and safety courses to other professional training solutions such as rii training and height safety training, we offer a gamut of courses under a single roof.
    • Adaptive Training Modules: We believe in personalised learning and accordingly tailor our programmes to meet your distinct needs.

    Contact Vertical Horizonz today on 1800 143 113 to enrol in our health and safety courses in Brisbane. Let’s transform Brisbane’s workplaces into spaces where safety is prioritised, workers are skilled, and businesses thrive.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Health and Safety Courses in Brisbane

    What range of health and safety courses does Vertical Horizonz offer in Brisbane?

    We offer a wide range of courses designed to improve workplace safety in Brisbane, from fundamental first aid training to more specific courses like Chemical Site Safety training, High Risk Work Licence training, and safety training for plant operators.

    Why should I choose Vertical Horizonz for health and safety training in Brisbane?

    Vertical Horizonz is a reputed training provider known for contextually-crafted courses, flexible learning options, a comprehensive spectrum of training offerings, and adaptive training programmes. You can trust us for practical, immersive and personalised training in health and safety.

    Can Vertical Horizonz training help me handle high-risk tasks safely at my workplace in Brisbane?

    Absolutely, our High Risk Work Licence training is specifically designed to prepare professionals to perform high-risk tasks safely. The training covers all aspects of risk management and uses practical tests for real-world proficiency.

    Does Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane offer plant operator safety courses?

    Yes, we offer Plant Operator Courses Training in Brisbane. The course focuses on understanding safety protocols, maintenance routines and troubleshooting procedures, apart from safe operation of machinery and equipment.

    How can Plant Operators ensure safety in Brisbane industries with Vertical Horizonz?

    Enhancing safety as a plant operator begins with receiving adequate training from Vertical Horizonz. We emphasise the importance of adhering to safety protocols, carrying out a risk assessment, taking preventive measures, and handling emergencies effectively.

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