Work Health & Safety Courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia offers Health and Safety courses to meet the ever-changing needs and unpredictable environments associated with working safely in industry settings. The accredited programs provide knowledge and skills in areas like risk management, emergency response, fatigue prevention, traffic control and more. Flexible training options ensure personnel gain competence in following safe work practices, protecting themselves and others, and helping create incident-free workplaces. This reduces injuries and promotes wellbeing across diverse vocational contexts.


    Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety BSB41419

    - Up to $2,500

    Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety Course This programme trains and qualifies learners working in a Work Health and Safety (WHS) role to provide effective safety leadership and guidance to others at work.

    Queensland Health and Safety Representative Approved Training Course

    5 days - $650

    HSR Training Brisbane The requirement of a health and safety representative (HSR) to undertake a course of training is outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act).

    Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Refresher Training Legally-Required

    1 day - $350

    Queensland Health and Safety Representative Refresher Course This training is designed to renew the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Health and Safety Representatives having successfully completed the 5-day HSR course.

    Construction White Card CPCCWHS1001

    One Day 6-12 $100

    White Card Training Brisbane White Card training covers health and safety in the Construction industry.

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