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Vertical Horizonz Australia's Health and Safety courses are valuable and, at times compulsory, for individuals working in industrial environments. Our courses cover all methodology, techniques, and safety associated with daily worksite activities.

Health and Safety training:

Work Health and Safety Courses

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety

White Card training covers health and safety aspects in the Construction industry. It heavily focuses on working safely in the workplace or on a worksite to prevent injury or harm to a person and equipment. 

A White Card course highlights the importance of hazard identifications and how to implement essential risk control measures to minimise accidents, as well as how to select, wear and maintain PPE.

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Queensland Health and Safety Representative

The WHS Act outlines the requirements for a HSR to undertake training. In order to be qualified, they must attend an approved course of training from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ). Alongside this requirement is that any person conducting business in Queensland can request that their representative attends such courses or meetings with them as well. Developing knowledge about your responsibilities as an HSR and understanding your rights when you’re assisting PCBU’s during their investigations.

Queensland Health and Safety Representative Refresher

This training is designed to renew the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Health and Safety Representatives. After a successful completion on their five day HSR course they are legally required to refresh their training within three years or risk being held accountable for any accidents that occur due to lack of safety awareness.

The course is conducted in one day with its content including refresher courses such as legislation updates; work health rules obligations under WHS Act 2011 (s. 21(1)(b)) – this includes negotiating arrangements where applicable.

Vertical Horizonz Australia Health and Safety courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Health and Safety courses have theory and practical elements performed by experienced industry trainers. It is suited to new and experienced personnel that wish to learn essential health and safety skills to begin or further their career.

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