High Risk Work Licence Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides High-Risk Work Licence courses, allowing operation of specific high-risk equipment and plants such as forklifts, cranes and EWPs. The nationally accredited training combines theory and practical lessons to ensure competence in safely operating licensable equipment. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible course options utilizing industry-experienced instructors and access to well-maintained equipment. Upon successful assessment, trainees gain HRWL cards required for equipment operation in various workplace settings across Australia.

Need to obtain a high risk work licence in Brisbane? With Vertical Horizonz, you can access comprehensive training courses that enhance your job safety skills. Adequate preparation and competence in performing such tasks is a priority not only for the individual, but also the organisation. This is why our high risk work licence training in Brisbane is designed to prepare workers to operate in a safe and confident manner.


    EWP Training Brisbane TLILIC0005

    2 Days 4-6 $650

    Elevated Work Platform – EWP Course Certification Do you have to work in an Elevated Working Platform (EWP)? Then you are taking numerous risks.

    Forklift Licence Training TLILIC0003

    3 Days (2 Days, experienced operators) - $575

    Forklift Licence Course Brisbane Want to enhance your career prospects? Enrol in our Forklift Licence Training Course in Brisbane and acquire the skills to operate a forklift with confidence and safety.

    Acquiring High Risk Work Licence Training in Brisbane

    A valid and current high risk work licence is a prerequisite for workers that operate in a number of different settings. These licences reflect the level of competency possessed by an individual in performing high-risk tasks and, thereby, ensuring the highest level of workplace safety. The importance of obtaining this qualification is recognised by many businesses across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, and the Sunshine Coast.

    Our comprehensive training programs are designed for workers in construction, mining, oil, and gas, and the renewable energy sector allowing them to develop competence in a variety of high-risk work licence categories. This can potentially open up numerous job opportunities and better equip individuals to maintain the highest safety standards in their workplaces.

    Our course curriculum has been developed in line with stringent Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards. This sets us apart from other providers by ensuring our training remains relevant to the specific demands of the various industries we serve in Brisbane.

    Specialist Training for High-Risk Industries

    Brisbane is home to a wide range of industries that demand high-risk work licences. From the construction industry to the mining and manufacturing sector, there are numerous workplaces where high risk tasks are performed on a daily basis. We provide high risk work licence training for professionals in these industries, emphasising practical skills and context-relevant training.

    Our industry specialists, with their vast hands-on experience, provide you with an insight into the real-life challenges you may face in these high-risk work environments. The courses are designed to produce skilled professionals capable of not only performing their duties efficiently but also upholding the highest safety standards.

    Why Choose Vertical Horizonz for High Risk Work Licence Training  in Brisbane?

    Enrolling in a high-risk work licence training course in Brisbane is a critical decision. As one of the leading providers of training in Brisbane, we have several key benefits:

    • Our training is developed to Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards, ensuring your certification will be recognised across the country.
    • We have a team of industry-experienced trainers who can provide valuable context to your learning.
    • We offer flexible course scheduling, allowing you to complete your training at your convenience, even if you have a busy work schedule.
    • Our training includes a combination of practical and theoretical instruction, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your chosen high risk work licence area.
    • We cultivate an immersive learning environment that not only benefits your personal development but also contributes to cultivating a safety-conscious work culture.

    Call us today on 1800 143 113 or visit our website to book your high-risk work licence training course in Brisbane. Build a safer future with Vertical Horizonz.

    Frequently Asked Questions About High Risk Work Licence Training in Brisbane

    What is the importance of a high risk work licence in Brisbane?

    High risk work licences are crucial in Brisbane as they showcase an individual’s ability to competently and safely carry out high-risk tasks, which is a paramount concern for many industries in Brisbane and surrounding areas, including the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, and the Sunshine Coast.

    What industries can benefit from high risk work licence training in Brisbane?

    Our comprehensive training programs cater to people in various sectors such as construction, mining, oil, and gas where high-risk tasks are performed daily. Obtaining a high risk work licence can potentially open up numerous job opportunities.

    How is the high risk work licence training at Vertical Horizonz different from others in Brisbane?

    Our curriculum is developed according to the strict Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards. This commitment ensures that our training aligns with specific industry needs. Additionally, we have industry-experienced trainers and offer flexible scheduling to suit your busy work life.

    How can enrolling at Vertical Horizonz benefit me in my professional future?

    At Vertical Horizonz, you’re not just gaining a high-risk work licence but investing in long-term job competency and a safer work environment. Our training equips you with practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in high-risk industries, thereby contributing to a safer and more productive work environment.

    How can I enrol in a high-risk work licence training course at Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane?

    Enrolling at Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane is a straightforward process. Our team will guide you through the enrolment process and tailor it to your specific training needs. Contact us on 1800 143 113 or visit our website to book your high-risk work licence training course in Brisbane.

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