Height Safety Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides Height Safety Training to educate trainees on potential risks and personal responsibilities associated with working at heights. The comprehensive courses cover hazard identification, risk control measures, use of fall protection equipment, and emergency response procedures. Vertical Horizonz delivers flexible training options plus access to purpose-built facilities to ensure trainees gain competence in safely working at heights in diverse industries.

Welcome to Vertical Horizonz Australia, the leading provider of Height Safety Training in Brisbane. Led by industry experts, we provide comprehensive training programs to foster a safer work environment, enhance workforce competency, and build confidence for complex work. If you are looking to bolster safety protocols and measures in your working environment, our courses are designed just for you.

The proper height safety training is very important for workers in a wide range of industries. In addition to meeting safety standards and requirements, this training allows employees to execute the job at hand, while still operating in a safe manner.


    Working at Heights Training RIIWHS204E

    1 Day 6-10 $230 per person

    Working at Heights Course Brisbane Course Overview  This course is intended for anyone who is working at heights for work purposes.

    Work At Height Advanced RIIWHS240E, PUASAR022

    2 Days 5-10 $460.00 per person

    Advance Working at Heights Course Brisbane Purpose Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Advanced Working at Heights course is designed to help individuals in supervisory or planning positions to prepare for safe Working at Height jobs with superior knowledge.

    Rescue Training Brisbane PUASAR032, PUASAR022

    4 Days 4-10 $1,050.00 per person

    Vertical Rescue Training Course Vertical Rescue Training equips you with the necessary skills to conduct safe and efficient rescues at height.

    Height Safety Consultancy Service


    Height Safety Consultants SERVICE: Our subject matter experts will break down the complexities of operating at height.

    Height Safety Training Courses in Brisbane

    For professionals in industries where working at heights is a regular feature, knowing how to carry out tasks safely is critical. High-risk industries perennially grapple with accident prevention, and this is where the Height Safety Training we provide in Brisbane comes into play.

    Our comprehensive training involves both theory and practice of safety principles, both of which are designed to mitigate risks associated with working at heights. During each session, knowledgeable instructors educate you about harness safety, fall arrest systems, and descend techniques that are required when working at heights.

    Height Safety Training sources are suitable for workers in construction, mining, civil, oil & gas, and even the Australian Defence Force. We understand that despite differences in these sectors, the common thread connecting them is the requirement for safety at heights.

    Why Choose Vertical Horizonz for Height Safety Training Brisbane?

    Here at Vertical Horizonz, our comprehensive height safety training in Brisbane has been designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. Here’s why you should choose us:

    • Real-World Scenario Training: We use a hands-on approach in our training, providing real-world scenarios to help you understand and handle actual situations competently.
    • Tailored Training: Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of industries, from construction to oil & gas.
    • Flexible Training: We offer fully flexible training schedules to work around your commitments. Be it onsite or offsite, we deliver training at your convenience.
    • Qualified Instructors: Our team of trainers have extensive first-hand industry experience to provide you with the most relevant and practical training.

    Enhance your Knowledge with Additional Courses

    Expanding your knowledge is always beneficial, and we offer more than just Height Safety Training in Brisbane. Consider broadening your horizons with our Construction and Building Courses or First Aid Training Courses Brisbane. Further refine your safety skills to ensure you’re covered for any situation that arises.

    We provide training tailored to the unique needs of different industries, modifying the content to suit specific job requirements. This diversity in our training program is our hallmark, ensuring anyone who enrols is guaranteed an education suited to their specific needs.

    Reach out at 1800 143 113 to discuss your training requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Height Safety Training in Brisbane

    What is Height Safety Training that Vertical Horizonz offers in Brisbane?

    Height Safety Training by Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane is a comprehensive program that educates participants on safety principles associated with working at heights. It includes training on harness safety, fall arrest systems and descent techniques, tailored to suit specific industrial job requirements.

    Who can sign up for the Height Safety Training in Brisbane?

    Anyone can sign up. Our Height Safety Training in Brisbane is ideal for novices to professionals working in industries where height work is regular, such as construction, mining, civil, oil & gas, and even the Australian Defence Force. It’s designed to mitigate risks and foster a safer work environment in high-risk industries.

    How does Vertical Horizonz's Height Safety Training in Brisbane differ from others?

    Vertical Horizonz offers a hands-on approach in their training, providing real-world scenarios to help you understand and handle actual high-risk situations effectively. Our team of qualified trainers with extensive first-hand industry experience ensure practical and relevant training. We also offer tailored and flexible training schedules to suit our clients’ commitments.

    Does Vertical Horizonz offer any other courses apart from Height Safety Training in Brisbane?

    Yes, apart from Height Safety Training, Vertical Horizonz also offers other courses like Work in a Confined space, Construction and Building Courses, First Aid Training Courses and Rescue Courses in Brisbane. This helps participants to expand their skills and knowledge base and be prepared for any situation that arises.

    How can I register for Height Safety Training in Brisbane with Vertical Horizonz?

    You can secure your Height Safety Training in Brisbane by browsing our range of courses on our website, and selecting the Height Safety Training Course. Select your preferred date, complete the short online enrolment  form, and make your payment through our secure payment gateway. After your application and payment are received, we will send you an email with all the necessary details of the course.

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