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Drilling Operations is a vital part of the mining and exploration industry and requires a broad range of skills and a profound technical understanding of various drilling methods.

Drilling should only be performed by qualified and competent personnel. 

Drilling Operations are performed in exploration exercises to collect mineral examples for testing and examination. At the same time, Drilling operations are also used in mineral extraction to facilitate open-cut and underground mining projects.

Drilling Operation techniques:

Drilling Operations Training

Drilling Operations is a unique task that should only be conducted by qualified and trained personnel. There are many responsibilities to consider when performing Drilling Operations to ensure safe practices, risk management and minimal environmental impact. Undertaking Drilling Operation training promotes operator confidence and competency to provide the most effective and efficient project outcomes.

Drilling Operation course content

Drilling Operation training is a valuable course suited for individuals working in the mining and exploration industry. It covers all methodology, techniques, and safety involved in the daily drilling operations.

Planning and preparation

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Drilling Operation course explains the importance of in-depth planning and preparation before undertaking any Drilling Operations.

Reading and interpretation

Our Drilling Operation course teaches trainees how to read and interpret site plans and specifications to confidently perform the Drilling Operation task.

Health and safety

There are many safety risks and hazards in the mining and exploration industry. Vertical Horizonz Australia’s course covers Drilling Operations health and safety to ensure our trainees are trained before commencing drilling tasks to reduce the risk of on-site injury or accidents. This involves risk management and hazard identification training.

Site operations

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Drilling Operations course focuses on safe and efficient site operations in conjunction with Drilling Operation tasks. We believe it is vital to understand all on-site work that could affect your performance and work safely with additional teams.


Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Drilling Operations course demonstrates drilling equipment maintenance methods and how to implement them effectively in the field, ensuring minimal interruptions to Drilling Operations.  

Workplace communication

Workplace communication is vital to ensure a safe working environment and project productivity. Therefore, Vertical Horizonz Australia adds workplace communication into our Dilling Operations course to give our trainees confidence to communicate with all workers and trades on-site.

Vertical Horizonz Australia Drilling Operation courses

The Drilling Operation course has theory and practical elements performed by our experienced Vertical Horizonz Australia trainers. It is suited to new and experienced personnel who wish to learn essential drilling skills to begin or advance a mining and exploration career.

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