Vacuum and Water Jetting System Courses

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Vacuum and Water Jetting System training with instructions and demonstrations in safe and effective operations. The courses cover competencies like pre-start inspections, tanker setup procedures, waste transfer and disposal methods, and equipment maintenance. Trainees get practical experience running jetting and vacuuming systems under supervision. Upon completion, operators gain certified skills needed to work with industrial cleaning equipment across sectors like construction, resources and infrastructure maintenance.


    MSMSS00020 Operate a Vacuum Loading System

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a Vacuum Loading System Course Our vacuum loading system course equips you with the necessary skills to operate the system with ease.

    Operate a Drain Cleaning System MSMSS00019

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a Drain Cleaning System Course Develop your skills as a drain cleaning system operator with our drain cleaning course.

    High Pressure Water Jetting Training Course

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a High Pressure Water Jetting System Vertical Horizonz Australia High-Pressure Water Jetting System Operator course provides adequate and professional training for our trainees to operate high-pressure water jetting systems safely and competently.

    Vacuum Excavations RIICCM303

    One Day - $695

    Vacuum Excavation Training Want to add a valuable skill to your repertoire? Enrol in our Vacuum Excavation Course in Brisbane and learn from experienced trainers at Vertical Horizonz.

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