Vacuum Excavation Training Brisbane

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers Vacuum and Water Jetting System training with instructions and demonstrations in safe and effective operations. The courses cover competencies like pre-start inspections, tanker setup procedures, waste transfer and disposal methods, and equipment maintenance. Trainees get practical experience running jetting and vacuuming systems under supervision. Upon completion, operators gain certified skills needed to work with industrial cleaning equipment across sectors like construction, resources and infrastructure maintenance.

Vertical Horizonz: Industry-tailored Health and Workplace Safety Training provider in Brisbane, is proud to offer our unparalleled Vacuum Excavation Training course customised to your needs. Our trainers, with profound industry experience, are ready to empower you with a comprehensive understanding of vacuum excavation in line with the Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards.

Whether you are an individual seeking a career change or a well-established company in Brisbane, our course is designed to suit your requirements.


    MSMSS00020 Operate a Vacuum Loading System

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a Vacuum Loading System Course Our vacuum loading system course equips you with the necessary skills to operate the system with ease.

    Operate a Drain Cleaning System MSMSS00019

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a Drain Cleaning System Course Develop your skills as a drain cleaning system operator with our drain cleaning course.

    High Pressure Water Jetting Training Brisbane

    2 Days 4-10 $750

    Operate a High Pressure Water Jetting System Vertical Horizonz Australia High-Pressure Water Jetting System Operator course provides adequate and professional training for our trainees to operate high-pressure water jetting systems safely and competently.

    Vacuum Excavations RIICCM303

    One Day - $695

    Vacuum Excavation Training Want to add a valuable skill to your repertoire? Enrol in our Vacuum Excavation Course in Brisbane and learn from experienced trainers at Vertical Horizonz.

    Elevate Your Skills with Vacuum Excavation Training in Brisbane

    At Vertical Horizonz, we believe in “real training that saves lives”. In fact, it’s been our mantra from day one.

    Our vacuum excavation training in Brisbane is not just a program; it’s a comprehensive curriculum delivering a blend of practical on-the-ground experience and classroom-based activities. Learners get hands-on experience with the sophisticated vacuum excavation machines under expert guidance. We will provide you with a comprehensive view of this operation, including what to expect on the job or at the construction site.

    We also coach you on understanding laws, policies, and regulations to ensure compliance with Australian standards. Our third segment focuses on safety, where you’ll be educated about common hazards and safety procedures associated with vacuum excavation.

    Even though the training is centred around Brisbane, aspects relevant to nearby locations such as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are addressed, thus making you well-rounded in the operational parameters across locations. The learning gained here is applicable and valuable regardless of geographical variations.

    Vacuum Excavation: An Indispensable Skills in Construction and Building Industry

    The construction and building industry in places like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Rockhampton and Sunshine Coast is booming. This substantial growth presents numerous opportunities for professionals with training in vacuum excavation.

    Vacuum excavation is considered a safer and more effective method of unearthing utilities when compared to traditional shovel digging. In a rapidly progressing industry like construction, proficiency in this technique is a competitive advantage. By equipping yourself with vacuum excavation skills, you are opening the door to various career opportunities in these fast-growing industries.

    Not only does the training help you stand out, but it also adds to the overall safety workplace culture of your organisation. Making you a valuable asset in the quest for a safer workplace.

    Why Choose Vertical Horizonz for Vacuum Excavation Training in Brisbane?

    Our Vacuum Excavation Training is tailored exclusively for professionals in Brisbane who value innovation, safety, and industry-credibility. Here is what makes Vertical Horizonz stand apart:

    – Real Life Experience: Our trainers are industry professionals who have real-life experience in handling vacuum excavation systems. They not only share the knowledge but the nuances and challenges they face.

    – Tailored Training: We offer customised learning experiences tailored to the learner’s previous knowledge, learning capabilities, and goals.

    – Flexible Approach: We offer flexible scheduling and course structures to match your needs and ensure the training does not disrupt your daily schedules.

    – Industry Compliant: All our practices align with the Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards to keep the training industry-relevant.

    – Support: Our commitment to you does not end with the training. We offer post-training support to ensure you implement your learning effectively.

    Create A Safer Workplace with Vertical Horizonz

    At Vertical Horizonz, our mission is to provide real training that saves lives. Every course we offer, including the vacuum excavation training in Brisbane, is designed to empower industry, business, and individuals with knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for a safer and more productive workplace.

    Connect with Vertical Horizonz on 1800 143 113, and let us support you in your journey to enhance your professional skills and create a safer workplace environment. Your opportunity to master vacuum excavation starts here at Vertical Horizonz Brisbane. Transform your professional prospects starting today. Your future is a call away!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Excavation Training Brisbane

    What makes the vacuum excavation training in Brisbane at Vertical Horizonz unique?

    Vertical Horizonz offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends practical work with classroom learning, providing real-life experiences under expert guidance. The program complies with Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards and the training is customised to match individual learning capabilities, goals, and schedules.

    How will vacuum excavation training in Brisbane benefit me as an individual?

    In Brisbane’s booming construction and building industry, vacuum excavation is an indispensable skill. Trained personnel are a valuable asset, with the ability to ensure a safer workplace and easier unearthing of utilities, bringing along numerous career opportunities in fast-growing industries.

    What will I learn in the vacuum excavation training offered by Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane?

    The Brisbane vacuum excavation training by Vertical Horizonz covers the mechanics and benefits of vacuum excavation technology, operation of its equipment, understanding related laws, standards, and regulations for compliance, and safety procedures to mitigate risks.

    Does the vacuum excavation training in Brisbane cater to industry professionals only?

    No, the Vacuum Excavation Training by Vertical Horizonz in Brisbane is tailored not just for industry professionals, but also for individuals seeking a career change or enhancement in the construction and building industry.

    Does Vertical Horizonz offer post-training support in their vacuum excavation training in Brisbane?

    Yes, Vertical Horizonz is committed to providing post-training support to ensure effective implementation of what’s learned during the training, making them not just a training provider, but a partner in your professional growth and workplace safety.

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