Confined Space Training

Vertical Horizonz Australia provides confined space training to ensure workers understand the hazards and safety procedures for entering restricted areas. The intensive courses cover risk assessment, air monitoring, ventilation, communication systems, emergency procedures, and proper use of safety equipment. By completing the training, participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enter and work in confined spaces.


    Confined Space Entry – Basic Operator RIIWHS202E, MSMPER205, MSMPER200

    1 Day 5-10 $230 per person

    Confined Space Entry Training Course Brisbane At Vertical Horizonz, we provide a comprehensive confined space course in Brisbane.

    Operate Breathing Apparatus MSMWHS216

    1 Day 6-10 $230 per person

    Breathing Apparatus Training Brisbane PURPOSE:         Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Operate Breathing Apparatus course is designed to train individuals to select, test and fit Breathing Apparatus.

    Gas Test Atmosphere MSMWHS217

    ½ Day 4-12 $150 per person

    Gas Test Atmospheres Course Certification Before entering into certain spaces, it is important to test and confirm the presence of gases.

    Confined Space Rescue PUASAR025, PUASAR022, MSMWHS216

    3 Days 4-10 $750.00 per person

    Confined Space Rescue Training PURPOSE: Vertical Horizonz Australia has significant experience in training confined space rescue operations.

    Confined Space Consultancy Service


    Confined Space Auditing & Consulting AIM: Provide consultancy services to clients working within “Confined Spaces and Inert Environments” Vertical Horizonz can provide consultancy services for any client who has any issues related to tasks associated with”confined spaces”.

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