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Vertical Horizonz Australia has the immense industry experience to support local, national, and international business with their training needs. We are a proud member of, and work closely with the Vertical Horizonz Group and Vertical Horizonz New Zealand to provide tailored safety training to various industries. Vertical Horizonz Australia also works with relevant industries to ensure our training methods are up-to-date and aligned with necessary industry regulations and Australian standards.

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Our vision, mission, and values


Our vision is to be global leaders in high quality education and training, creating enhanced job competency and certainty, leading to a safer workplace and improving productivity. Vertical Horizonz Australia is a safety revolutionary as we believe our advisory, partnership, training and development approach is holistic, progressive and superior to outdated methods.


Our mission is to provide real training that saves lives. An authentic training style is more plausible for an individual or company, motivating them to implement long term behavioural change and take responsibility for their continuous improvement. Through customised safety training experiences, we empower industry, business and individuals.


Our values help develop and build purpose and confidence in our clients and their employees. We believe safety involves responsibility and leadership. Vertical Horizonz Australia wants to encourage and promote a sense of responsibility in people, empowering them to provide leadership.

Our core values

Vertical Horizonz Australia delivers services with integrity and respects the industry, workplace, clients and trainees. We lead by example to empower individuals to take responsibility to improve workplace safety and performance.


Vertical Horizonz Australia is a safety subject matter expert with the experience, knowledge, skill and attitude to provide services and training with integrity to our clients and trainees. Our integrity creates a mutual understanding, improves performance and enforces compliance.


Vertical Horizonz Australia’s first-hand industry experience builds healthy respect between our clients and trainees and the industry they work in. Our understanding of the industry, workplace and people allows us to train in context and in a valuable and relevant way. This improves the training effectiveness to help transfer new skills into the workplace.


Vertical Horizonz Australia leads with integrity and innovation. Our engaging and progressives safety solutions will inform, support and empower people to accept responsibility for safety leadership. From our lead, we will teach others to lead.


Vertical Horizonz Australia promotes safety to empower others. Our expertise and knowledge, along with our customised training, inspires, engages, and develops people to take responsibility for their safety and empowers them to perform a task competently.

Start your Vertical Horizonz Australia training path today

Vertical Horizonz Australia can set out the right path for our clients to ensure training is suited to their industry and workplace needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can benefit your business and employees to create a safer and more productive working environment.

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