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Trenchless Technology is a construction advancement that removes the need to dig trenches to install, inspect, repair and rehabilitate underground infrastructure.
The no-dig construction method has many benefits compared to the conventional excavating technique that has been performed for generations.

Trenchless Technology techniques:

Benefits of Trenchless Technology:

Trenchless Technology has less impact on the environment with the ability to go under existing infrastructure and ground rather than through it. The minimal digging means less environmental rehabilitation time to return the environment to its original conditions.

In addition, Trenchless Technology saves Civil Construction projects valuable time and money as it is a more efficient method, taking less time to complete a trenching job with decreased disturbances to traffic, businesses and residents.

Trenchless Technology course content

Trenchless Technology training is a unique course suited for individuals working in the Civil Construction industry. Vertical Horizonz Australia covers all methodology, techniques, and safety involved in daily Trenchless Technology installation, rehabilitation, and inspection projects.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

The method of installing underground pipelines, cables and service conduit through trenchless methods.

Auger boring

A trenchless application in which a casing pipe is jacked into the earth’s surface while simultaneously rotating helical augers remove the excavated spoil.

Identifying underground services

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Trenchless Technology course demonstrates how to identify underground services, which is a critical part of our training. 

Site operations

The course touches on site operations in conjunction with Trenchless Technology responsibilities. Vertical Horizonz Australia believes it is crucial to understand the coexisting activities that could affect your performance and safety.

Pipe jacking

Pipe jacking is a trenchless method of installing pipes, conduits, and utility corridors by applying a force that pushes the pipe through the ground while controlled excavation takes place at the face.

Micro tunneling

A trenchless construction method in which a borehole is excavated and pipes laid simultaneously using remote guidance, pipe jacking, and continuous support.

Workplace communication

Workplace communication is vital to ensure on-time schedules, maintain safety and project harmony. Vertical Horizonz Australia adds this element into our course to give confidence to our trainees to communicate with other trades and workers.

Vertical Horizonz Australia Trenchless Technology course

Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Trenchless Technology course has theory and practical elements performed by experienced industry trainers. It is suited to new and experienced personnel that wish to learn a unique industry skill for a career in the Trenchless Technology industry.

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