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Advance Working at Heights Course Brisbane


Vertical Horizonz Australia’s Advanced Working at Heights course is designed to help individuals in supervisory or planning positions to prepare for safe Working at Height jobs with superior knowledge. The plan, perform and supervise model ensures thorough preparation and precise execution is conducted on-site or in a workplace.

Our Advanced Working at Heights training teaches a range of high-level skills, including retrieval and rescue. Vertical Horizonz Australia also develops administrative responsibilities such as Working at Heights risk assessment, safe working practices and equipment compliance checks.

The two-day courses are designed for those who work at height or, are in planning or supervisory positions.

The training provides advanced knowledge of working safely at height, planning to work at height, and participating in retrieval techniques.


This training is appropriate for those working in operational roles where they are required to perform, plan and supervise work at heights


Identify work requirements
Identify work procedures and instructions
Access and install equipment
Perform work at heights
Prepare and respond to rescue
Contribute to scene risk assessment
Perform rescue operations
Conclude rescue operations

Entry criteria

The course requires a level of fitness to demonstrate competency in the skills being trained.
Learners are required to be able to read and correctly interpret date stamps on their webbing labels and other PPE, relevant signage, and any documentation required by the workplace. We also offer Height Safety Consultants, Vertical Rescue Training and more.

RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Height

PUASAR022 – Participate in a rescue

Advance Working at Heights course content includes:

  • Identifying work requirements
  • Implementing work procedures and instructions
  • Accessing and installing equipment
  • Performing work at heights
  • Preparing and responding to rescue
  • Contributing to scene risk assessment
  • Performing rescue operations
  • Concluding rescue operations
  • Performing task safely at heights

Location: 3/94 Delta Street, Geebung, Brisbane, or training may also be conducted at client's venue upon request

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