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Elevated Work Platform – EWP Course


Do you have to work in an Elevated Working Platform (EWP)? Then you are taking numerous risks. That’s why you should join the EWP training course and learn how to ensure your safety. This course will also share knowledge on how to work on an EWP effectively. With the knowledge you gather from the course, you can easily identify potential safety risks. You can also learn how to operate high-risk equipment. It is one of the most valuable certifications that you can own.


  • TLILIC0005 – Licence to operate a boom type elevating work platform

Course Duration

The EWP Training course duration will be 3 days. 


The total cost of the EWP Training course would be $750.

Course Overview

EWP Training Course shares knowledge on how to work safely on an elevated working platform. You can understand the practical ways to operate a telescoping or hinged working platform. It also shares knowledge on how to work on a boom-supported platform. If you have to work on a platform elevated to more than 11 meters from the ground, this is the course you should follow. You can learn how to ensure your safety and work efficiency in such environments. Vertical Horizonz also offers a wide range of courses that you can explore to gain further knowledge. Looking for EWP training in Brisbane? Vertical Horizonz offers comprehensive and accredited courses to ensure your safety and compliance. Book your spot now!

EWP Training Course content

Course Outline

  • WH&S legislation
  • Identifying risks and hazards when working in elevated working platforms.
  • EWP safety features
  • Understanding different types of EWPs
  • EWP shut down and isolation
  • Understanding EWP operations
  • Routine checks and equipment maintenance 


  • Atmospheric testing in potentially hazardous environments
  • Conducting atmospheric tests
  • Interpreting atmospheric testing results
  • Responding appropriately to atmospheric testing results

Group Size

EWP Training Course would require a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6 participants. 


Unit 1, 214 Leitchs Road, Brendale, QLD 4500, or training may also be conducted at client’s venue upon request

Why Choose This Course

Working on elevated platforms can be risky. This is why you should learn how to enhance safety at work. This course will share knowledge on all safety precautions that you need to take. By overcoming safety issues, you can also maximize your efficiency at work. 

This course will also help you to adhere to compliance measures and safety regulations. This will help you to refrain from legal issues that can happen. It can also create a direct impact on career advancements. The knowledge you gain out of this course will be beneficial in numerous industries. Emergency services, industrial maintenance, and rope access hold a prominent place for them. We also offer Forklifts Course.


EWP Training course trains learners to operate a telescoping, hinged, or articulated boom-supported Elevated Work Platform (EWP), where personnel, equipment, and materials may be elevated to more than 11 meters high. This course also demonstrates EWP operations, identifying possible safety risks, and providing individuals with the confidence and skills to safely operate the HighRisk equipment.


  • Improve your safety when working on elevated platforms.
  • Adhere to compliance standards and laws.
  • Increase your chances of employment.
  • Ensure professional development.
  • Understand how to enhance the effectiveness of your teams.
  • Mitigate risks when working on elevated platforms.
  • Complete work efficiently when working on elevated platforms. 


Requirement to demonstrate a level of written and spoken English to do this: Equivalent to Level 1 English communication skills.


The programme trainers are all experienced practical people. They speak everyday workplace language and have a wealth of real life examples to share with trainees. Trainees are encouraged to ‘have a go’ in a supportive, safe environment.

Location: Unit 1, 214 Leitchs Road, Brendale, QLD 4500

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