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Gas Test Atmosphere


Gas Test Atmospheres Course


Before entering into certain spaces, it is important to test and confirm the presence of gases. Failure to do this can result in serious complications. Anyone who wants to get knowledge on atmospheric gas testing can follow this course. 


  • MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres

Course Duration

Gas Test Atmospheres Training is a half-day course. 


The cost of participation in the course would be $150 per person. 

Course Overview

Gas Test Atmospheres Training course shares knowledge on how to discover gas in a working atmosphere. It shares the knowledge and skills to test it effectively. Anyone who follows the course can understand how to use electronic test apparatus for testing.

Gas Test Atmospheres Training Course content

Gas Test Atmospheres Training course will share the following important lessons for the participants:

  • Finding the type of gas present in a space.
  • Selecting the right apparatus to proceed with gas testing.
  • Learning how to calibrate the apparatus before gas testing
  • Understanding the sampling pattern or testing regime for testing
  • Discovering hazards that take place from the possible atmospheric conditions
  • Implementing hazard control measures
  • Learning how to use personal protective equipment

Course Outline

Gas Test Atmospheres Training course focuses on how to identify hazards that gas can induce in a working environment.


  • Atmospheric testing in potentially hazardous environments
  • Conducting atmospheric tests
  • Interpreting atmospheric testing results
  • Responding appropriately to atmospheric testing results

Group Size

Gas Test Atmospheres Training requires a minimum number of 4 participants and a maximum number of 10 participants. 


3/94 Delta Street, Geebung, Brisbane, or training may also be conducted at client’s venue upon request

Why Choose This Course

Before entering into confined spaces, it is important to identify the presence of gases. This course on gas testing will help you to test it on your own. You can use the knowledge to identify the risk on your own. Then you can take appropriate steps to stay away from the risk. 

You can also make yourself available for more job opportunities with this course. It will improve your employability chances in numerous industries. Gas, oil, mining, and manufacturing industries hold a prominent place for them. Some of the job roles available for you include gas testing technician and safety officer. We also offer Operate Breathing Apparatus course, Confined Space Rescue etc. Get top-notch training in gas testing techniques from the experts at Vertical Horizonz. Our comprehensive course in Brisbane is just $150 – Book your spot now.


Vertical Horizonz provides the necessary content for trainees to clearly understand the procedures and hazards associated with atmospheric gas testing. Trainers will accurately demonstrate how to perform atmospheric testing and interpret atmospheric testing results to respond accordingly.


  • Discover the presence of toxic or flammable gases on your own.
  • Make yourself eligible for more employment opportunities.
  • Improve your safety when working in toxic environments.
  • Build confidence and competence to access toxic environments.
  • Enhance your professional development.
  • Support improving your organisational reputation.
  • Improve the risk management capabilities you have. 


Requirement to demonstrate a level of written and spoken English to do this: Equivalent to Level 1 English communication skills.


The programme trainers are all experienced practical people. They speak everyday workplace language and have a wealth of real life examples to share with trainees. Trainees are encouraged to ‘have a go’ in a supportive, safe environment.

Location: 3/94 Delta Street, Geebung, Brisbane, or training may also be conducted at client's venue upon request

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