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High-Pressure Water Jetting System Operator

Vertical Horizonz Australia High-Pressure Water Jetting System Operator course provides adequate and professional training for our trainees to operate high-pressure water jetting systems safely and competently. Qualified Operators can also supervise other high-pressure water jetting team members.

The course is designed for those working in the High-Pressure Water Jetting industry and is delivered in accordance with the High-Pressure Water Jetting standard AS/NZS 4233:1. 2013. 

Industry best practice recommends operators refresher training every two years. Operator Refresher courses are also available.

  • MSMWJ304 – Operate a high-pressure water jetting system
  • MSMWHS110 – Follow emergency response procedures
  • MSMWHS200 – Work safely
  • MSMPER200 – Work in accordance with an issued permit

High-Pressure Water Jetting System Operator course includes:

  • Operation of high-pressure water jetting system
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Safe work practices
  • Working with permits
  • Interpret technical drawings
  • Supervision a high-pressure water jetting team
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