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Operate a Drain Cleaning System

Vertical Horizonz Australia Drain Cleaning Systems course provides adequate and professional training for our trainees to safely and competently operate drain cleaning systems. This course teaches trainees the skills and knowledge to operate drain cleaning equipment in a safe and efficient manner. In accordance with the high-pressure water jetting standard AS 4233:1. 2013, which highlights, all operators of a Class B drain cleaning machine shall be trained.

Industry best practice recommends refresher training every two years. Refresher courses are also available.

  • MSMWJ305 – Operate a drain cleaning system
  • MSMWHS110 – Follow emergency response procedures
  • MSMWHS200 – Work safely
  • MSMPER200 – Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • MEM09002 – Interpret technical drawing

Drain Cleaning System course includes:

  • Operation of drain cleaning systems
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Safe work practices
  • Working with permits
  • Interpret technical drawings
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