7 Career Opportunities Unlocked by a Working at Heights Certification

Posted October 24, 2023

Working at heights can be a dangerous yet rewarding occupation. With the proper training and certification, it unlocks ample career opportunities across various industries like construction, mining, oil and gas, telecommunications, and more. For Australians seeking an adventurous career path, getting certified to work at heights can be a wise investment into their future.

In this blog, we will explore the top 7 career choices that open up with a working at heights certification.

Wind Turbine Technician

The renewable energy sector is booming in Australia. With the rising number of wind farms across the country, there is a growing need for skilled technicians to install, maintain and repair wind turbines. These modern windmills can be as tall as 300 feet requiring technicians to be comfortable working at extreme heights. A working at heights certification is a must to become a wind turbine tech.

The job involves tasks like:

  • Climbing wind towers using fall protection gear to inspect components
  • Replacing worn out parts like rotors and blades
  • Performing preventive maintenance on turbine equipment
  • Diagnosing electrical, mechanical issues
  • Documenting and reporting repairs made

As a crucial role in keeping wind farms running smoothly, wind turbine technicians can expect a potential salary of $80,000 annually. The career outlook is bright with the number of wind technician jobs expected to grow by 60% in Australia until 2023.

Telecommunications Tower Technician

Another career that involves working at dizzying heights is that of a telecommunications tower technician. They are responsible for installing, servicing and fixing equipment on towers or masts that can range anywhere from 50 feet to 2000 feet tall.

The job responsibilities include:

  • Scaling telecom towers wearing proper harnessing and using climbing equipment
  • Installing, aligning and securing antennae, satellite dishes on the towers
  • Checking for loose bolts, corrosion and damage on tower structures
  • Replacing cables, amplifiers, networking equipment on towers
  • Keeping towers and equipment well-maintained and running

With 5G technology expanding and internet connectivity improving across Australia, the demand for skilled telecom tower technicians will only grow. They can expect an average salary of $85,000 per year with the right certifications.


One of the more adventurous careers that involve working at heights is roofing. As a roofer, you will be responsible for inspecting, installing, maintaining the roofs of all kinds of buildings – from private homes to commercial spaces.

The job involves:

  • Measuring and examining roof structures
  • Tearing down old roofing and preparing surfaces for new materials
  • Installing roofing like shingles, tiles; waterproofing and insulating roofs
  • Identifying leakages or damage and making necessary repairs
  • Follow safety standards for working at heights

With the ability to work at heights with ease, roofers can earn around $55,000 annually in Australia. The number of roofing jobs are also forecast to grow at 16% over the next few years.

Window Cleaner

Most high-rise buildings rely on professional window cleaners to keep their windows sparkling clean. Equipped with working at heights training, window cleaners are not deterred by the heights as they go about their cleaning duties.

The job involves:

  • Using suspended platforms and ropes to scale tall structures
  • Washing windows, ledges, frames of high-rise buildings from the outside
  • Removing grime and dirt buildup carefully from glass windows
  • Polishing and drying windows to a streak-free finish
  • Following safety protocols for working at heights

With high attention to detail and dedication, window cleaners can earn around $45,000 annually in Australia. The career also offers flexible working hours and great views!

Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons or arborists often have to scale great heights while pruning, felling and caring for tall trees. A working at heights certification allows them to confidently carry out their job duties up in the trees.

The role includes:

  • Climbing trees using ropes, harnesses and other gear
  • Safely pruning and trimming tree branches
  • Assessing health of trees and identifying potential hazards
  • Providing cables and braces for added support to tree limbs
  • Cutting down unstable, dying or hazardous trees
  • Removing cut tree sections in a safe manner

Certified tree surgeons can make around $73,000 per year in Australia. With rising environmental awareness, the demand for arborists is also expected to grow steadily.


For people who don’t mind working high up dealing with electricity, becoming a linesman could be an ideal choice. Linesmen are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical infrastructure like power lines and telecom cables.

The job involves:

  • Climbing up utility poles and towers using proper harnessing
  • Stringing high-voltage power lines between poles and towers
  • Replacing damaged wires, cables, transformers safely
  • Installing and fixing street lights, electrical meters
  • Following safety standards for working with electricity at heights

With the relevant certifications, linesmen can earn around $70,000 annually in Australia. The number of linesman jobs are expected to grow by 20% in the coming years.


In construction sites, riggers and scaffolders work at heights everyday building safe temporary platforms and structures. A working at heights certification is a basic requirement for this adventurous role.

The job of a rigger involves:

  • Operating cranes and pulley systems to safely lift equipment
  • Attaching appropriate rigging gears like cables, hooks to lift loads
  • Signalling crane operators for accurate positioning of loads
  • Assembling and dismantling scaffolds from great heights

With their specialised skills, riggers can expect an income of around $68,000 per year in Australia. The number of rigger jobs are also forecast to grow substantially by 2026.

These 7 career paths offer ample opportunities for certified height workers in Australia. To gain essential skills in working safely at heights, join our Working at Heights Course at Vertical Horizonz. Located in Brendale, we are a leading training institution equipping you with 5 key skills – hazard identification, equipment selection, fall prevention, rescue techniques and emergency procedures. Get certified with us and work confidently at heights!

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