9 Career Opportunities After Finishing Your Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations Training

Posted September 28, 2023

When it comes to expanding your career horizons in surface extraction, a Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations can truly be the game-changer. Unveil what awaits you post-certification.

In the expansive world of surface extraction, standing out can often be a challenge. But for those who’ve delved deep and secured their Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations, the mining world isn’t just a vast expanse of rocks and minerals; it’s brimming with opportunities! So, what’s next? What can you look forward to?

1. Mine Operator: Your Path to Mastering Surface Mine Equipment

Operating state-of-the-art surface mine equipment is no small feat. As a mine operator, you’ll not only operate but ensure the safe operations of these machinery giants. Heavy machinery operation isn’t just about power; it’s about precision. With the right training, the role of a mine operator becomes more than a job—it’s a craft. And, as with most crafts, the pay can be quite attractive.

2. Quarry Machine Operator: Harnessing the Power of Stone Extraction

Ever pondered the intricacies behind those massive stone statues or grand buildings? Thank a Quarry Machine Operator. With quarrying equipment at your fingertips and knowledge of controlled blasting, you’ll extract stones that shape our world, literally. It’s more than just breaking rocks; it’s creating legacies.

3. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Officer: The Guardian of Mine Safety

In a world constantly seeking sustainability, the role of an EHS Officer shines bright. With mine safety protocols under your belt and a keen understanding of EHS guidelines, you’ll be the lighthouse in the storm, ensuring everyone goes home safe every single day. It’s a responsibility, but one with vast rewards.

4. Surface Extraction Supervisor: Leading the Brigade

Imagine managing a team, orchestrating a symphony of extraction planning and operations. The Surface Extraction Supervisor does just that. With a sharp focus on team management, you’ll not only direct but inspire, ensuring the job is done, and done right. Regions far and wide beckon those with such expertise.

5. Drilling Assistant: Delving Deep with Precision

As a Drilling Assistant, you’re not just another cog in the machine. Partnering with drillers, you’ll delve deep into the earth, mastering core drilling and sampling techniques. It’s a hands-on role where you’re at the heart of action, witnessing the marvels of our planet from up close.

6. Maintenance Technician: Ensuring the Heartbeat Never Stops

Machines, while powerful, need care. That’s where a Maintenance Technician steps in. With an eye for detail, you’ll ensure machinery maintenance and perform equipment health checks, prolonging machine lifespans and preventing costly hitches. Remember, in the world of extraction, a well-maintained machine can be worth its weight in gold!

7. Mining Exploration Assistant: Unearthing Tomorrow’s Treasures

Behind every successful extraction lies meticulous planning and exploration. As a Mining Exploration Assistant, you’ll lay the groundwork, mastering the basics of geology and mineral exploration. You’ll chart out the course, guiding your team towards profitable sites. In essence, you’re the mapmaker of lucrative futures.

8. Haul Truck Driver: Steering Fortunes

Picture this: you’re behind the wheel of a mammoth vehicle, transporting valuable resources. As a Haul Truck Driver, you aren’t just driving; you’re moving fortunes. With responsibilities like heavy vehicle operation and ensuring secure loading and unloading, you’re an integral part of the extraction ecosystem.

9. Site Administration and Logistics Coordinator: The Backbone of Operations

Every extraction site is a hive of activity. Ensuring everything moves seamlessly is the task of a Site Administration and Logistics Coordinator. From site coordination to logistics planning, you’ll wear many hats. And in doing so, you’ll be the silent force behind every successful extraction operation.


The world of surface extraction, with its myriad opportunities, awaits those armed with a Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations. Each role, be it the Mine Operator or the Logistics Coordinator, plays a pivotal part in shaping the industry’s future. Embark on a journey, carve your niche, and let your expertise shine.

Should you seek top-notch training and practical exposure, consider Vertical Horizonz. Nestled in Geebung, Brisbane, at 3/94 Delta Street, this institute boasts two decades of imparting knowledge. Whether you wish to train at our state-of-the-art facility or your own venue, we’re just a call away. Let’s shape your future, together.

1. How long is the duration of Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations Training? 

The course duration for Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations Training at Vertical Horizonz is between 6 to 12 months.

2. What is the cost of enrolling in Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations Training? 

The enrollment cost for Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations Training at Vertical Horizonz is $2900.

3. Can I opt for a flexible schedule given the 6-12 months duration? 

Yes, Vertical Horizonz offers a range of scheduling options to accommodate the needs of our students. It’s advisable to contact our team for specific details and to find a schedule that best fits your availability.

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