Everything You Need to Know About GWO Training in Brisbane

Posted June 5, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training in Brisbane. If you’re considering a career in the wind energy sector or seeking to enhance your skills, this article is a must-read. We’ll delve into everything you need to know about GWO training in Brisbane and why it’s a crucial part of the burgeoning wind turbine industry.

Understanding the GWO

Founded in 2009, the Global Wind Organisation is a non-profit body comprising wind turbine owners and manufacturers. Their mission is to foster an injury-free working environment in the wind turbine industry by setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

GWO has made a significant impact on the wind turbine industry worldwide, particularly in safety and efficiency. Their standardised training ensures that everyone working in the industry adheres to the same set of safety procedures, enhancing productivity and minimising risks.

Overview of GWO Training

GWO training is designed to ensure that personnel involved in the wind turbine industry are equipped with essential skills and knowledge to maintain safety standards. The training broadly covers five modules:

  1. First Aid: Provides the skills needed to administer first aid in a wind turbine environment.
  2. Manual Handling: Equips trainees with the knowledge to perform manual handling tasks safely.
  3. Fire Awareness: Teaches how to respond to fire emergencies in a wind turbine environment.
  4. Working at Heights: Provides the skills to work safely at heights.
  5. Sea Survival: Teaches survival techniques for off-shore wind turbine workers.

Why GWO Training is Crucial for Working in Wind Energy Industry

The wind energy sector carries inherent risks due to the nature of the work involved. GWO training is, therefore, indispensable for anyone aiming to work in this industry. For individuals, it equips them with the necessary skills to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues. For employers, it’s a guarantee that their workforce understands and adheres to globally accepted safety standards, reducing incidents and boosting productivity.

Procedure to Register for GWO Training in Brisbane

The registration procedure for GWO training is straightforward. Interested individuals need to identify a suitable training provider, check the prerequisites (including medical fitness), and complete the registration process as guided by the provider. The course structure generally includes a mix of theoretical classes and practical sessions.

What to Expect During the GWO Training

GWO training is an intensive experience, with each day bringing new learning opportunities. The course structure blends theory with practical lessons, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety procedures. By the end of the training, successful participants receive a GWO certificate that boosts their employability in the wind energy sector.

Career Opportunities after GWO Training

GWO certification opens the doors to numerous job opportunities in the wind energy sector. Whether it’s maintenance, installation, or inspection roles, GWO-trained individuals are preferred due to their enhanced skills and knowledge. Additionally, GWO training offers a stepping stone for more advanced roles and responsibilities within the industry.

The Future of GWO Training and Wind Energy in Brisbane

Brisbane’s wind energy sector is poised for significant growth, making GWO training more relevant than ever. Future trends suggest an increased focus on safety and efficiency, which will likely shape GWO training’s evolution. Brisbane is set to play a crucial role in the future of wind energy, further emphasising the importance of GWO training.

Additional Benefits of GWO Training

Beyond the core safety skills and procedures, GWO training offers a range of additional benefits. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the wind energy sector and how each individual can contribute to its overall success. GWO training also fosters a sense of community, connecting individuals from different backgrounds with a shared interest in renewable energy. Lastly, GWO training increases the adaptability of individuals, preparing them for the diverse range of scenarios they may encounter in their roles within the wind energy industry.

Financing and Grants for GWO Training

GWO training is an investment in your career, and as such, it comes at a cost. However, several financing options and grants may be available to help mitigate these costs. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial support or subsidy schemes, particularly if you’re a resident of Brisbane or Queensland. It’s worth researching the various options or speaking with your chosen training provider about potential financial support.

Health and Safety Regulations in Australia

Australia has stringent health and safety regulations, particularly for industries such as wind energy. GWO training aligns with these regulations, ensuring you are not only internationally compliant but also meet local Australian standards. This dual compliance offers reassurance to employers and gives GWO-certified individuals an advantage in the job market.

Preparing for GWO Training

To make the most of your GWO training, it’s essential to prepare adequately. This could involve improving your physical fitness (as some aspects of the training can be physically demanding), studying basic safety procedures, or learning more about the wind energy sector in general. Being well-prepared will ensure you are ready to absorb the wealth of information and practical skills offered during the training.

Impact of COVID-19 on GWO Training

The global COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably affected all aspects of life, including GWO training. However, training providers in Brisbane have responded admirably, introducing safety protocols and shifting some components of the training to online platforms where possible. Despite these changes, the quality and comprehensive nature of the training have remained consistent.

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Navigating the Wind Energy Landscape

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Elevate Your Skills

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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are the cornerstones of our training at Vertical Horizonz. We make sure that you’re equipped with the tools to uphold the highest safety standards while maximising productivity.

Opening Doors to Opportunities

With a Vertical Horizonz GWO certificate in hand, you’re stepping into a world of opportunities. Our training is recognised both nationally and internationally, increasing your employability and paving the way for a thriving career in wind energy.

Join the Vertical Horizonz Family

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In conclusion, GWO training is an essential asset for anyone seeking a career in the wind energy sector in Brisbane. It offers the knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively, opening up a world of career opportunities. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into GWO training and its importance.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to GWO Training in Brisbane:

Q: Who should attend GWO training?

A: Anyone interested in working in the wind energy sector should consider attending GWO training.

Q: How long is the validity of a GWO certificate?

A: A GWO certificate typically has a validity of 2 years, after which a refresher course is recommended.

Q: Can I work in other countries with a GWO certificate obtained in Brisbane?

A: Yes, a GWO certificate is recognised internationally, making it a valuable asset if you’re considering a global career in wind energy.

Remember, it’s always crucial to keep safety and efficiency at the forefront of your career in wind energy, and GWO training is a significant step towards achieving that goal. Happy learning, and here’s to a safe and productive career in wind energy!

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