Falling Hurts: Staying safe in construction

Posted May 14, 2021


What do you do to protect your family and employees? If you have an industrial accident and cannot work, who will look after them?

 Can your business afford the consequences of a fatality? A 2017 fatal fall has led to $850K fine for the construction company.

Research has shown falling from height is a leading cause of injury and fatality in the construction industry, however the Safety Science Journal identified training as a key factor to identifying and assessing risk.

There were 563,600 work related injuries in 2018, 16 per cent were off work for between five to ten days, 26 per cent required longer. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) highlights 7 per cent of all injured workers required changing jobs.

Work-related Injury

Share of people who experienced a work-related injury or illness, by occupation groups and sex

If you work at height,Work Safe Australia reported 122 fatalities were associated with working at height between 2015 – 19. As recent as October 2020, one dead and two injured in Perth roof collapse.


Safety Science Journal literature has found that the most common and effective measure against falls from height is the use of fall protection systems. Selecting the correct PPE is as simple as visiting a reputable distributor.

Work Safety Training

The Vertical Horizonz Work Safely at Heights and Advanced Height Safety courses provide you and your staff the requisite knowledge skills and attitudes to work at height.

At Vertical Horizonz, our mission is to provide real training that saves lives.

Our trainers speak from experience, demonstrating industry best practice to provide contextualised training and advice.

As members of the Australian Working at Height Association we are part of a National body dedicated to developing a pathway to better safety standards, either at our training centre or your place, our team is ready to support your training needs or  simply provide advice.

For more information about working at height, visit us at or email and get your team safety conscious and trained.

Do not be one of the statistics, it’s as simple as calling Vertical Horizonz 1800 143 113 to ensure you, your family and staff are protected.

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